About Life as Effect

Who are youLife as Effect is about improving your life.

It’s about finding and pursuing your passions—the activities that get you moving, that light you up.

It’s about being the hero in your own movie.

It’s about finding causes in your life—the reasons you think and feel and act the way you do, the reasons you are who you are—and, when necessary, changing them.

Because when you change the causes, you change the outcome, or effect—your Life.

My name is Bryan Saville (and if you so desire, here’s my story), and my mission is to help others, especially college students and young adults, realize that they are the authors of their own life stories and that they can make the next chapter amazing, regardless of what’s been written so far.

Along the way, I hope to make some significant changes in my own life.

I am:

Since 2002, I’ve been teaching psychology courses, with a primary goal of showing students how to use psychological principles and self-experimentation to improve their lives and the lives of others.

For the past few years, I have been conducting research on the psychology of passion to learn more about what happens to students when they are (or are not) passionate about their academic activities and their chosen careers. More recently, I’ve been teaching classes on the same topic and trying to help students understand the benefits of pursuing activities and careers they truly enjoy.

I’ve enjoyed teaching my classes and talking to groups of college students, but I believe it’s time to get this message out to a larger audience.

I’m excited to see where this train takes me, and I’d love to have you come along for the ride.